Here at BOPPS, we offer both psychotherapy process groups and support groups for adults and adolescents. The group milieu allows you to deepen your understanding of your struggles, develop better relationship skills, as well as learn skills to manage daily life situations. Psychotherapy groups for people suffering from mood disorders allow participants to develop a better understanding of their condition, and tools to combat it. Supports groups for grief an loss, smoking cessation, parenting and eating disorders, allow participants to move beyond the problem and establish new, healthy and viable lifestyles. All of our groups are led by either a Master's or Doctorate level therapist.

We accept most insurances for psychotherapy services. Call to find out about your coverage.

ASAP consists of two evidence-based out-patient teen drug use/abuse program. One is an intense 12 - weeks program whose primary goal is to STOP or DECREASE drug consumption by the adolescent (ASAP-12). Modeled after the Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) technique, which has had proven success in treating marijuana use among teens, it is designed to change your adolescent's drug use. Research has indicated that for adolescents, marijuana is a gateway drug, that leads to consumption of more addictive substances, and behavioral problems. This program  works for all types of drug usage.   

The other ASAP program is our adolescent 5 - weeks drug program, which combines two individual sessions with three group therapy sessions (ASAP-5). This is a less intense program, and is recommended for less severe drug use and behavioral problems. This program is also evidence-based, and has proven success with marijuana consumption, as well as other substances. The motivational enhancement (MET) and cognitive behavioral (CBT) sessions will help your adolescent to address his/her drug use and make better choices that support a drug free lifestyle. HELP YOUR TEEN TO......

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