Bird of Paradise Psychological Services, P.A. provides caring and competent mental health services to enhance your daily life and well-being. We offer individual, couples, family and group therapy to the Tamarac and Miami Gardens communities and the vicinities. Our competent and effective treatment approaches are offered to: adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. We treat people from all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Conditions such as: mood disorders, cognitive and intellectual disorders, as well as personality, substance abuse and gambling disorders, etc. are treated.


Bird of Paradise Psychological Services, P. A. (BOPPS) was started in May 2000, by doctor Karlin Donegal, Ph. D. Over the years we have grown to include other psychologists and social workers. We are a private practice corporation, that has been offering psychological and other mental health services to Tamarac for eighteen years, and to Miami Gardens for ten years. Our clinicians are well-educated and experienced. 


Services at BOPPS

                 OUR GOALS

We are a diverse group of clinicians, whose mission is
to provide effective, caring, and therapeutic services to a diverse ethnic, racial and religious population.

Our vision is to broaden the scope of our services to treat a variety of mental / situational problems, as well as to advocate for the implementation of a routine annual mental health checkup in the healthcare system.